• Randy

    I like how the light just enters this hallway. The kids bike looks almost mysterious here, as if it is telling a story.

  • Lisa Pellegrene

    Agree with the comment above. It is as if this photo does tell a story or the many stories yet to be told regarding all of the adventures yet to be had, riding this bike through the neighborhood. This is a hopeful picture to me, and shows the joy of childhood, all conveyed with one picture without saying a word.

  • Lisa Pellegrene

    Also! have you submitted this one to Jones Soda Company yet …to be potentially selected as one of their soda bottle labels again? I know that a similar photo was one of your photos that they selected to be on the retail labels. Different mood of a picture, and just as great as the other! You should submit if to Jones Soda if you havent already!!

    • Thomas

      I have had numerous photographs selected by Jones Soda, so I am aware of exactly what they are looking for, so I am waiting to submit this one based on what’s trending with the company.

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