• Alex

    Our old TV before all this flat screen stuff. Yes the quality might not be up to par today but the toughness is very remarkable. Well that is old school for you!!!

  • Wilson Jake

    Wow, I remember when I have to tune a channel on the tv for minutes to see the pictures clearly. This era has been replaced be an LCD and flat screen for better quality.

  • Susi R

    I haven’t seen an old TV like this for a long time. Even I can’t remember it at all because I was too young when my family used it back then.

  • Baraka

    I remember back in the days when this black and white TV’s were the hit. Now it’s hard to even come across them anymore.

  • Prince

    This tv set is priceless, I can watch it as long as I feel like. Just a little funny compared to what we have this days.

  • jolly555

    This is a classic photo, I can’t remember the last time I saw this television. Good to see it again, can recall watching this a long time ago.

  • Danielle M

    Wow, that tv looks in great conditions considering it must be very old. Last time I saw one like that was 30 years ago

  • Maury Cheskes

    You’ve kind of personified this T.V. with the caption. It adds a eerie, twisted feel like the T.V. is going to come alive.

  • David Tjoe

    Well, at first I thought that no one would be interested in using this anymore. But it turned out that I was wrong because after searching for information about this via Google :), apparently there are still many people who use this old TV with today’s technological advances.

  • conrad pranze villas

    This kind of t.v. will never leave our homes. It is too personal to put into trash, and even repair shops will repair it if this will get broken.

  • Oyeyipo Oladele

    This is one of the old school television we have then. This picture takes me back to the olden days.

  • Brain

    Olden days television. I’m sure it the black and white version which was cool years ago. Nice looking though.

  • Glad

    This is a very old T.V, can’t really remember when last I saw a TV like this. And I know it would not be a coloured TV.

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