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I Can’t Survive On My Own

I Can't Survive On My Own

January 2020

28 responses to “I Can’t Survive On My Own”

  1. It looks like the house is about to collapse or fall and needs some helping hands to still stand tall. I like white painted homes

  2. The beautiful of every life is to get a support. If this building doesn’t have human in it, will make it collapse.

  3. I can see that this cant survive on it’s own, the trees and leaves are taking over. Lovely picture, the house would have been soo serene if maintained well

  4. Just leave this building for some months in a raining season, you wont see any structure again….. the trees and leaves would have covered it up

  5. It seems like it was such a cute house surrounded by trees. Why would anyone abandon such a beautiful house?

  6. This photo is nice but what caught my fancy is the caption. Definitely, nobody can survive just alone on Earth.

  7. It looks like this little shack needs a friend. Fitting caption as this place needs the help of a dweller.

  8. Well it seems like a half of a house from what I see. Anyway it does not change the fact that it is not livable at this point. For one it is empty not to mention in the middle of nowhere.

  9. No man is an island, but we should all learn to be able to stand on our own two feet when the situation calls for it. We must understand that it is okay to feel like this sometimes as well. But with a lot of support from the people who you expect or not actually expect to do so, we can all get out stronger from this storm.

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