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I Come Back To The Place You Are

I Come Back To The Place You Are

April 2020

27 responses to “I Come Back To The Place You Are”

  1. There’s a cool forbidden kingdom feel to this photo with the caption. It’s like it’s been around for centuries waiting eagerly for your arrival.

  2. This photograph motivates me to think about the calm of the calm waters, and that the reflection of the trees is a mirror of greatness.

  3. This photo feels like home. Makes you feel calm and makes anxiety and worries away. The reflection to the water is perfect.

  4. I turned my phone upside down, what I see is amazing. It produced same image, same effect and same everything. Great concept.

  5. This type of place will always draw me back to itself naturally. So cool and lovely. It’s a unique piece

  6. This is a place where you can reflect and realize where you’ve been at in your life. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. It’ll be much more beautiful to see if the sky is clear. It looks like it will rain.

  8. This place is absolutely stunning! i absolutely love the way the calm water is captured. This is one of your best shots!

  9. Water is life. I get inspiration from cool and cold environment. What a brilliant shot you made here Tom.

  10. Sometimes the peace that we are looking for can be found within our own selves. I’d love to feel as calm as the waters of this photo.

  11. Serene…is the only word came to my mind after seeing this picture. The picture brings peace of mind…it looks so clam.

  12. The pine trees form a great backdrop for the lake. This has to be one of your best photos!

  13. Something about this photo brings me a lot of peace. I think I could stare at it all day!!!

  14. The professionalism of this photo is something to write home about. I wish I could frame this and hang it on my wall.

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