I Don't Belong Here

December 2019

21 thoughts on “I Don’t Belong Here

    1. This looks like the inside of a submarine if I am not mistaken. The place does really look neat, but I don’t see myself being here though.

  1. This looks like a place that provides that feeling that you are in space..its quite neat though..I love it

  2. Boarding in a ship vessel alone is quite lonely. It’s better to have your someone special around.

  3. A corridor filled with light. It looks quite safe enough, but then again we should not always trust what we see. I’m not exactly fond of vessels that sail on vast oceans or scoot around in its deepest, darkest depths, so I am quite nervous if anyone should invite me to ride on one.

  4. The place is so clean and radiant. It seems like no one lives here, otherwise it would be quite dirty.

  5. Where or what is this exactly? Well if you are a ship crew then I beg to differ since this looks like a portion of a ship??? Unless you mean you mean NOT BELONG metaphorically? If that is the case then why???

  6. Yes I will love to get in here whatever it is because I like any thing clean and we’ll maintained Like this.

  7. What a clean and neat place to step foot. it’s really a wonderful place to get some relaxation if it will be permitted.

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