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I Don’t Want To Talk Anymore

I Don't Want To Talk Anymore

May 2019


14 responses to “I Don’t Want To Talk Anymore”

  1. Totally no one can talk from this telephone booth. By the look of things, it’s one of the oldest that was being used before mobile phones were invented.

  2. This phone has served a lot of people. This phone has been a very great help to communicate in the old days. So rare to see a payphone nowadays.

  3. That phone reminds me of the 90’s, im sure it helped conect may people i the past.

  4. Great job at bringing life to this public phone. They must be growing scarcer and scarcer in this day and age.

  5. phone booth of years ago. This has been put to rest in my country no more public phone booth.

  6. Where is superman? he changes in one of these ha ha. Seriously though, this is obsolete now. Thanks to cell phones and tech upgrades.

  7. Few people will use that now, because of mobile phones. Even so, I love the photo.

  8. Nowadays it’s more common to call using a mobile phone than using a telephone or a telephone booth. How time changed everything about the way we communicate to each other.

  9. This photo is great because it connects you to the past world. Its very hard to come across such scenes in the modern world.

  10. The no dial tone reminds me of what is happening in our office right now. No wonder our phone is not ringing, when I was about to call about 3 hours ago, there was no dial tone.

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