I Dreamed A Dream

I dreamed a dream about an abandoned school.  Here is an excerpt from my journal from March 5, 2014.  Please leave your interpretation of this dream in the comments and help me to figure out what the dream means, also known as dream interpretation.

Last night I had a very strange and somewhat disturbing dream.  In the dream, I am exploring an abandoned school for disturbed children in Dix Hills, New York.  As is my usual activity during these explorations, I am also taking pictures with my Canon DSLR camera.

All is going well as usual, though I feel as if this particular location may be inhabited by ghostly spirits, which might as well account for a good number of the places I have explored which were both abandoned and had a very troubled history.  When I start to review the images on my camera, I see what appears to be troubled school children in what appears to be the 1900’s to the 1920’s era, giving me undeniable proof that the place I am visiting, a school for emotionally troubled and/or disturbed children is indeed haunted.

Having realized I may be onto something, I switched to video mode on my camera, and started to record video instead of simply taking still shots.  To my shock and horror, I am now seeing and recording those ghostly children live on my camera, and although I cannot see or hear them, I can use my camera’s LCD screen as a bridge to the spirit world.

The spirits of the children become angry and warn me that I have disturbed their rest and must leave immediately.  I am not at all afraid, and even if I were afraid at this point, I would have stayed to gather as much paranormal activity on video as possible.  I refused to leave, despite being told to leave several times.  All of a sudden, a middle-aged male ghostly figure came into the room; the children spirits were obviously scared of this spirit in particular.  And without saying a single word, he looked directly at me, and all at once, every means of exit from the room slammed shut.  Doors closed and locked, and old glass windows closed, and although the locks on the windows were in such an advanced state of decay and disrepair as to be completely ineffective, I was powerless to open them.  Breaking the glass also proved to be futile, regardless of the objects or amount of physical force used against the window.  Thankfully, there happened to be a handful of vandals spray painting outside, and seeing me trying to break the window in a panic to escape, one of them threw a rock and shattered the glass.

At that very moment, the haunting stopped.  When the five or so graffiti artists asked me why I was screaming inside an abandoned building, I tried to play back the video and scroll through a few of the still photos.  The memory card was erased, yet I still had a full battery despite several hours of photographing the location.

[Book 2, Page 74; March 5, 2014]

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