• Dabaw Menrelle

    Witty caption! This chair did have the time of its life. I mean it has been used by many people and has served its purpose well.

  • esgyll

    That wooden chair looks like it had both good and bad times. I guess the chair indeed had the time of its life.

  • Brandy

    It seems lie truly the chair has had a time of it’s life. It has served its generation and sat on fr quite some time.

  • meldred24

    It’s lovely how the leaf somehow marks its own prints on the chair. The chair had served its purpose already.

  • Janet James

    This chair was made of good quality wood. You can see even after staying on th sun and rain for quit some times, its still good to go.

  • jolly555

    If you are referring to the chair I’m sure it has because mere looking at it,one can conclude that it has seen decades and even more.

  • Daphne

    I had a chair just like this when I was growing up although mine was plastic. This has really brought back a lot of memories.

  • Janine Bocateja

    I can see an old chair with has a lot of memories on sit. Maybe it was placed on a dining table before where it was seated for a hungry owner and enjoys his/her meal while seated on this chair. I’m pretty sure this chair and the owner has its time of its life.

  • Grace K

    Red and white, beautiful colors for a wooden chair. Must have looked so good when it was all new.

  • roberachi

    The chair looks awesome even though it seems really old and unstable. If it were me i would just restore this old sit to its original form with a few twinks here and there.

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