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I See The World On A Rocking Horse Of Time

I See The World On A Rocking Horse Of Time

April 2020

25 responses to “I See The World On A Rocking Horse Of Time”

  1. The view is awesome, looks really cool. The truck is really needed to pack the produce. Lovely caption, I love it

  2. I love the mountain view from distance, it make it less scary. Perfect caption , colour is great. I love every bit

  3. Nice landscape shot in the rural outdoors. Has a calming, country feel especially with the grain and the grassy field. Good autumn mood as well.

  4. A good view to watch or compliment the sunset. A time where everyone clears out and go home. Come sunrise to do it again. It gives me those feels.

  5. A wonderful view of the hills and the fields, marred very slightly by the presence of the truck.

    As us humans progressed through time, we made machines that trod over nature to fulfill our petty desires. Now, with the shadow of the COVID-19 virus looming over us, our machines have been abandoned, allowing nature to reclaim its hold over the world.

    Like a wheel, or the rocking motion of a rocking-horse, the patterns slowly assert themselves. After so much human activity, the silence and peace have slowly taken over, once more.

    A great photo, by the way.

  6. The landscape is really fascinating, but why it is giving a brownish outlook could it be a color effect. Its really nice though

  7. A very scenic photo. I love how the truck is placed in the picture. Good job here! one of your best yet.

  8. What a wonderful moment in the fields and the hills. Wanted to have a farm next to this place. Ahhh.. the fresh air.

  9. I like how untouched by man this scene looks. Nature is beautiful if man doesn’t interfere with it.

  10. It’s very impressive how this photo captures the spirit of the countryside. Keep up the stellar job 🙂

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