• Maury Cheskes

    What a grandiose photo! Amazing blend of colours, architecture and cloud display. Thanks for sharing!

  • Glad

    This is an old but very firm structure. The building is quite big and also located in a nice environment. I wonder what it was used for before it was put up for sale.

  • Wilson Jake

    This environment really looks cool, and the structure still look okay. Little or no job needed to put it into use again. The sky looks scary though

  • jolly555

    The shinny blue sky is all I see, so beautiful and dreamy. I would loved to take a shot of myself in this , It will be so lovely

  • Oyeyipo Oladele

    This is surely a completed project, for just little or no touches will be required for business to commence. Nice shot from a far.

  • brainedet

    The title Is all I see, one just need to be patient all the time. The photo here is well shot and captured.

  • David Tjoe

    Well, I’ll be patient because it seems like I don’t have the budget to buy this antique barn. Especially with an area of 5 acres, the price must be very high.

  • Clarissa

    Great shot from afar, I wonder why it’s for sale. Probably the purpose wasn’t successful and the owner lost the chance to make use of it.

  • Alex

    This is a must at this time as our patience are tested. In my area for example we are still on quarantine and in time it is getting harder for everyone to stay at home. Be that as it may we must abide by the rules until there is cure for this virus.

  • esgyll

    Good things come to those who wait. Hopefully, that property will be sold as soon as possible and give that badly needed cash to its previous owners.

  • conrad pranze villas

    Haste makes waste. Being able to wait patiently will give you rewards in the future. great photo, looking at it makes me wonder, why is this barn for sale?

  • saviourv

    First time I’ve seen one of those. Pretty huge, from the look of it. However, it does seem like it needs to be fixed up in a few places. Maybe it could be repurposed into a sort of convention hall, except that it’s a bit impossible right now, due to the presence of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

    But then again, since there’s that sign about a flea market inside, maybe there is some hope of keeping the place alive, somehow. It would be a waste if it went.

    Aside from that, I like the way you shot this photo. Nice framing against the sky. Not sure if it was a morning or evening shot, though – when did you take the shot?

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