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I Took A Journey To The Unknown

August 2020

24 responses to “I Took A Journey To The Unknown”

  1. This is an understatement. It looks like a QUIJA Board or at that lane sorry. I hope this is just an ornament nothing more. In my case, let us just say I kinda had an encounter with the not good type of unknown due to these things. Good shot at least.

  2. Exploration and photography comes hand in hand. It is really beneficial to have a camera when exploring especially when going unto the unknown. You may find something interesting when doing your usual exploration adventure.

  3. Wow, that picture is amazing TOM, it makes me think of Indian culture because of the designe and the fact that it’s covered by plants.

  4. Wow, interesting imagery. The definition is outstanding. It looks to me like a really captivating archeological find. Thanks for sharing!

  5. At first glance I thought I had seen a crown in this image. This will arouse everyone’s curiosity in guessing what object in this unique image.

  6. Whaooo, I love this sculpt craft work. I once said it Tom that you are more than a photographer. Imagine going to an unknown place. Nice one there Tom.

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