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If you could tell the world just one thing, what would you say?

If you could tell the world just one thing, what would you say?

14 responses to “If you could tell the world just one thing, what would you say?”

  1. Let love one another as we love ourselves. That’s is the greatest of all the commandments.

  2. It’s time for humanity to be observed. Especially in this trying times, we need to work hand in hand.

  3. Let us know that we are all one, but black and white. God made us all for a purpose. We love like God loves us

  4. This trial times brought unity among people in my vicinity for few months. I think we all need understand what love is and love each other.

  5. At this point, we should know that wars don´t fix anything. Let’s try something else that actually helps.

  6. I hope the world will listen to my beseech to heal itself. Free his occupants from the pandemic and get healed.

  7. Never to undermine someone else’s pain. We all have different journeys with different obstacles and you shouldn’t judge someone having never walked inside their shoes.

  8. BE KIND. Yes it is simple YES it can even be laughable but that is all we need right now. All this chaos and we do not need more of it. As cheesy as it sounds kindness works!!!

  9. Kindness really goes a long way. To be able to be kind to one another is what this world seriously needs right now, to melt away the hatred that’s driving all of us apart.

  10. Let us do something for the mankind with the skills we have. Also, have faith in God and his deeds.

  11. If I were to tell the world one thing, it will be to “choose your hard.” Because wherever we go or whatever we do, our life was never easy. But, regardless of how hard life gets, always give your best shot!

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