• sebasgomes1995

    I relate it to this photo, as for the people who lived in this place, because they changed their place of residence, but that way they leave that house, the memories, the experiences will remain there.

  • Saidorlando

    They are stages of our life, like the place where we were born, we have beautiful memories, experiences, but when we grow up we must leave and leave our house and parents, although we move away they will always remain there symbolically.

  • Anyi Lizeth

    The places where we have spent experiences and pleasant moments are part of our life, if we move to other places, that house will always remain there, and in our mind the memories will remain intact.

  • David Tjoe

    The past will always be a memory in this part of life as a human. Which has a lot to do in shaping our mental, personality and mindset today. But it will make people stronger by being proactive and creating ideas to solve problems rather than just being passive.

  • Wilson Jake

    Letting go can be so hard if proper care isnt taking, what happen is what happened to this building here. The weeds and trees has taken over. Lovely concept guy

  • Prince

    This just mean once abandoned, unwanted things will occupy. Lovely concept and the colour choice is fantastic. Good one

  • iamdahmmy

    This is an abandoned building.. Brings nostalgic feelings.. I love to stay in lonely places like this.. I guess that’s where my muse comes visiting

  • brainedet

    Why I’m I more about the caption. It seems this is about friendship, not an abandoned building. This brought back memories.

  • Shantel

    The title of the photo is very fitting. It looks like the house is actually saying ‘If you stay I’ll go away’ haha!

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