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I’m Just A Step Away

March 2018

23 responses to “I’m Just A Step Away”

  1. Whaoo, this is fantastic. Looks like the stairs wont finish, just keep going. Lovely concept, nice effect too

  2. It must be a mansion of many stories. A lift will be better on thing type of a building. Lovely picture, I love your works

  3. Just a step away? No way, you are definitely steps away, because that step sure looks like a very long one.

  4. There has to be like thousands of steps here. Climbing all the way to the top must be a huge challenge.

  5. My fear of heights won’t allow me to look at the stairs for too long. I’d be so scared to be in this building.

  6. My phobia for height though. But I know it will be great looking up to see those stars. Nice shot.

  7. The stairs will be so tiring to climb and get to see when one need to be seen. I’m even wondering how this was captured.

  8. The journey of success always starts in a single step. Nothing is impossible if you keep going up.

  9. In this photographic shot you can see the stairs on the first floor so close, but in reality it is not so, because it seems from a tenth floor.

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