• Maury Cheskes

    I like the clearness of the imagery in this shattered window. It adds great focal point to what’s going on outside. Thanks for sharing.

  • Grace K

    Its a good metaphor to compare with shattered dreams. When somethings break in life, you can’t mend them. Just move on.

  • Obalade Damilola

    That glass must have been broken due to the carelessness of someone..or maybe someone tried to break in..nice shot

  • Meldred Judith

    Although it’s an abandoned building or place, it still has a beautiful view outside. An overlooking view of the city.

  • Oyeyipo Oladele

    Nice shoot by the photographer. This building must have been attacked by some gang or probably damage by someone’s carelessness. Once again, this is a good shoot.

  • jolly555

    I don’t really understand the caption and the photo I’m seeing but it a good view you captured. I like it still

  • brainedet

    I’m sure your caption has a deeper meaning. Anything sharttered can be fixed if we just believe in ourselves.

  • saviourv

    When something shatters, it can rarely be put back together again, and even if you manage to do so, it may never be the same ever again.

    Sometimes, it produces something traumatic; other times, it provides clarity.

    Maybe that’s why some people speak about things such as “breaking out of your comfort zone” or “breaking through the terror barrier”.

    Some things are worth a lot to certain people, but there are times when certain things must be broken in order to move forward.

    Case in point: this photo. Sure, now that it’s broken, the insides of the building are exposed to the elements, but the sky overhead provides promises of hope triumphing against despair.

    It’s a great photo, even for something that may initially seem sad or traumatic.

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