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In A New York Minute

In A New York Minute

September 2019

14 responses to “In A New York Minute”

  1. A minute could either be slow or fast depending on the situation. If you are in the middle of things it can be fast. If you are IDLE then it can be slow. At the end how we value it matters.

  2. I can’t clearly see the subject of this photo. I like how the lady became like a shadow in the dark though.

  3. Why the black and white edit though, it still a cool shot though I believe making it colorful will have been better.

  4. The shot is well taken with that black and white. But incant still figure out the message been wrapped in this picture. I would love it if you can enlighten me on this. Thanks for the photograph Mr. Tom.

  5. I’m still trying to get the message in the picture and also trying to relate it to the caption. But nothing is coming. Nice shot and effect though!

  6. Could it be the color effect or my vision, can’t seem to figure out the image here. Nice handwork still.

  7. Great shot , It would be hard to see that there’s a glass in the middle if the buiding wasn’t reflecting on the head of that lady. I like it a lot.

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