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In Between

September 2017

17 responses to “In Between”

  1. This place does not cause me admiration, on the contrary, it gives me the feeling that it has been forgotten and that nobody is interested in doing the maintenance.

  2. Wow, that place looks creepy, I cant imagine what’s hiding inside the elevator.

    • An abandoned old looking place that needs some renovation. I’m sure it will take a while for this to be good.

  3. An abandoned elevator, damaged and destroyed. Just imagining what keptt between the elevator. Looks creepy. Nice shot Thomas

  4. Abandoned places gives me the creeps. It reminds me of a horror game I used to play called “Silent Hill”.

  5. Old memories brought back to live. The place looks unkept. Nice photoshoot from you Tom.

  6. It looks like another door behind a door. I think this is a secret passage to somewhere.

  7. Oh my God, this looks like an elevator that got stuck. I can just imagine how people would have had to squeeze themselves out of that place.

  8. This elevator really looks bad, the wall paper falling off. I just imagine what cause this tool abandoned. Lovely effect

  9. What a damaged passage especially the one at the entrance but you shot it in a nice way still well done.

  10. This elevator looks like it has not been used since the war. I wish that there is more captured in the photo though

  11. In between what? Does this lead to other dimension or what? In any case that door needs to be shut down. It looked like it could fall any minute now.

  12. The elevator didn’t make it. The door is halfly shut. Probably someone what trapped there before and didn’t make it either. This photo has a story to tell. Nice tom.

  13. The only thing that’s still in good state is the socket. Must have been of great quality.

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