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In Gear

June 2017

9 responses to “In Gear”

  1. Very sharp photo. You capture photos so well and create good stories behind it to give it the needed uniqueness.

  2. I love the lens blur on the background. The soft green provides a perfect backdrop to the sharp rusted gear. I guess I would have cropped the bottom to remove the green.

  3. Looks like some gears are in motion. I like the definition and the blurred background. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Good emphasis on the gears by blurring the background. If forces me to look at the gears solely. That is the whole point is it not?

  5. I just like the background which give life to the photo itself. I like beautiful shots that is a bit colorful just like this.

  6. I love the contrast of the colours! The blurred background and sharpened gear is also quite remarkable.

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