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In The Artist Studio (Alternate Take)

In The Artist Studio (Alternate Take)

15 responses to “In The Artist Studio (Alternate Take)”

  1. This place looks magic, the perso who works there must have a lot of passio for what she/he does there.

  2. The room shows that the artist loves his job..he has immersed himself into art..nice shit

  3. I wish I had an artist studio like that. It looks like a very well loved place, all that clutter. It’s clear that the artist lost himself or herself to his or her art that much as to have that well-loved atmosphere.

  4. I love an entertaining studio and the one here is just what a well kept studio should be. Duper shot here.

  5. This is an ideal prototype of an artist studio. They are always full of stuff that only they understand their use.

  6. Only the owner of the studio can locate an item in this place. It would be difficult for a stranger before they master.

  7. One thing a love about artists is their ability to create beauty out of any mess. They can transform anything into beautiful something.

  8. The photo only tells how following someone’s hearts desire may lead. This person must have gone so far already.

  9. I nwonder if the red is the color of most stuff in the workshop or just an effect. Either way I really love it!

  10. It looks like a very busy studio. It’d be interesting to see some of the works from this studio.

  11. How did you manage to get the red tinge all over the photo? I’m in love with that effect!

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