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In The Gorge

August 2017

10 responses to “In The Gorge”

  1. My number one picture today.. So colourful and feels like the camera was hanging in the sky. I just made it my wallpaper on my phone.

  2. A very gorgeous place indeed. I can only imagine how cool and refreshing the waters are that are flowing down.

  3. Amazing photography work, more like a masterpiece. You did it so well with this photo Tom. This is amazing.

  4. This could very well be a wallpaper for a mobile or something, It is that good. A true marvel of nature. Very good shot.

  5. Cool picture that can be used as photo on one’s phone. The colors are well blended too and makes the pic a very nice shot.

  6. This really looks like a very peaceful shot. You have captured the serenity of this place with just one well focused and well timed click.

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