In The Living Years (Alternate Take)

February 2019


9 thoughts on “In The Living Years (Alternate Take)

  1. Looks like guys here moved a long time ago. It can also be occupied but by a bachelor who only comes to sleep and nothing else. Well captured photo anyway.

  2. An abandoned house/fireplace. I like the photo, the details, the subject and the lighting. It looks vintage.

  3. I guess the house was ruined during a war or something.. Inspite of the ruins,the picture still looks good..Nice shot

  4. I guess this picture could represent what giving up means. I like the topics ithat you choose for your prictures.

  5. This house sure needs love to restore it to its glory days. This is rare since majority of photos here are in black in white. That would be dull so props to the color change.

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