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In The Living Years

In The Living Years

February 2019


21 responses to “In The Living Years”

  1. This is hilarious.. This room has seen better days.. A little clean up is what it needs to get back in shape

  2. The room still looks quite elegant even in its dilapidated state. I especially love how the sunlight plays with the shadows.

  3. The caption tends to be far from the reality on grounds. There can’t be a better living with such a home. it more like an abandoned place.

  4. It makes me feel sad seeing abandoned or old houses. Those houses have beautiful memories that will live on forever. Hope we can fix houses like these.

  5. This is a very beautifully set up house. Even the colors of the curtains really complement the room, just a cleaning is what it needs.

  6. I like how the room is lited though. Despite it’ present condition, it still a sight to behold.

  7. It’s a spacious and good living room. It’s only a matter of cleaning up and making the chimney to work.

  8. If I was to abandon such a house it would be for a very good reason. It is just so lovely if you overlook the disorganization.

  9. The grandfather chair really caught my attention. I thinks it’s the only thing worth salvaging from the room.

  10. Awww this is very sad, It looks like it was a beautifull place, I’m wondering why it was abandoned.

  11. It looks like this place just got raided from a burglary. The opened door is just asking for trouble.

  12. The living years that it was is more like it. What is the fascination with broken things??? How about happy and lively subjects?

  13. In the living years it must have been a beautiful living room. It requires some renovations and it will be good to go again.

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