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In The Red Room

In The Red Room

12 responses to “In The Red Room”

  1. Red color stuff are always cool to view. The red house is beautiful and the color usage blended so well with its content.

  2. The setting and pieces of furniture in the room is okay. The red color is alright too. So it is a perfect photo.

  3. In my country, a red room is not a good place to go or visit. But the red room in this pictures seems opposite.

  4. Hmmm, in a red room?. Its gonna be scary for me as a person. The color has a perfect touch of effects. Thanks for this picture Tom.

  5. A different color that compliments the red should be used for the other wall. It would look so beautiful that way.

  6. This is very hot in the eyes. That said too much red is perhaps not a good thing. This is a room yes and not an actual ” RED ROOM?” Unless you are a photographer that is.

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