Indoor Crane Service

June 2019

14 thoughts on “Indoor Crane Service

  1. I don’t really know the usefulness of an indoor crane has but the picture was well taken..nice one

  2. This should be an abadoned building. I always like your shot. It makes even a bad place looks a bit appealing.

  3. If this was a car factory then yes I can see the need for a crane. That said right now it seems nobody has been home for a long time. Neat looking lot though.

  4. I’d like to see the crane at work, but it looks like the right space for it to go down. Nice symmetric shot. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is a lovey picture and you did a good job of getting everything into shape. keep up.

  6. I see part of the crane but I still could not imagine what it looks like as a whole. I am used to seeing the cranes in construction sites and they look really huge, yet this one could fit indoors.

  7. It’s like looking at an architectural blueprint brought to life. I love the way the entire composition has brought everything into sharp focus with just one simple click of a camera.

  8. Such a beautiful angle that this photo was taken. Makes it look like one of those movie scenes.

  9. Indoor Crane Service sounds new to me. But this photographic work makes it clearer and meaningful to me. Because I could depict a whole lot from this picture. Thanks for this image.

  10. Very nice picture, I’m not sure about what is it but it reminds me of the parkings in the 90’s.

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