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December 2019

16 responses to “Inspire”

  1. A car in the parking lot. I would usually lean on my car and lit a stick of cigar before entering any establishment. Anyways, nice shot!

  2. Jazzy graffiti art. I love its contrast to the rest of the building that is so plain and unremarkable.

  3. Inspire what exactly? Then again inspiration can come or can be anything or so as they say. However, I Do not see it here. That is just me but an artist might see things that I do not.

  4. I do not see any art, on that wall you could paint something that conveys good wishes, and that every driver that is parked is touched with the paint.

  5. This ia an evening picture, showing how cool the sky is in the evening. Though an abandoned garage. Cool output

  6. Nice photoshoot them my man. The inside of the container must be very inspirational for the owner.

  7. To be a writer or an artist or just about anything else, you should always find inspiration from anywhere. This is the fuel that keeps us going. Pretty much the colorful inspire graffiti is that one bright spot in our monotonous lives that gives us meaning.

  8. What is this building, a garage… Maybe it will make this building more interesting if the writing is in the middle and made with a larger size. And the colors also seem to be made randomly, no patterns.

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