August 2007

24 thoughts on “Into The Great Wide Open

  1. This duck is pure as its beautiful plumage, it inspires me with tenderness, beauty and emotion.

  2. This is so fitting in today’s situation. Nature is given a chance to heal. One silver lining I would say despite of everything. Nature at her best.

  3. Duck and water are so lovely to sight. Always enjoying the environment. Fantastic output man.

  4. This is so perfectly taken, looks like an art work or even a toy. Thanks for sharing man, always a unique piece

  5. Love the clear water. You definitely know how to capture the best glamor shots for these ducks.

  6. You have perfectly captured that beautiful duck. The water and the duck looks very alive and real.

  7. The crystal clear water got me. It really looks cool and inviting. Your photography skills is dope

  8. The duck seems to be so at ease in that water. I love the way it is floating on the water with confidence.

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