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Into The Wilderness


January 2016

15 responses to “Into The Wilderness”

  1. I think this bus crashed, possibly people went out to seek help for those who were injured, but at last this bus was left unattended because the wild wolves attacked them.

  2. Extraordinary shot! It looks extremely old and surrendered, in no place. It intrigues me, what has occurred there.

  3. Incredible shot! It looks exceptionally old and deserted, in no place. It intrigues me, what has occurred there.

  4. The message I get is that of Mother Nature winning over man’s ingenious creations. Regardless of how powerful manmade machines are, i am pretty sure mother nature will always win in the end.

  5. This is really a wilderness experience for the abandoned bus. Don’t know what would have happened but it does look scary.

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