• Meldred Judith

    Beauty should always comes from within. There’s a lot of beautiful ladies out there that doesn’t have any manners.

  • Maury Cheskes

    Beauty is all around us. Waterfalls, rainforests, sunsets to name a few. The most beautiful moments are the ones that take our breath away.

  • Danielle M

    Beauty is everywhere and shows up in different forms, it’s amazing how much beauty we can find in the world.

  • Alex

    It is both physical as it is from within. Come on lets all admit it physical beauty is an edge. Why do you think that actors both men and women must have good looks? However that is just half of the equation since inner beauty can more or less outshine that. You can be the hottest man but if you are a douche then in most eyes you are and will be ugly.

  • Mariz Tina Mispenas

    Beauty really comes from with in that’s why we should see to it the food we intake. It is nice that now a days we take care of our self to enhance our beauty. Still the beauty of a person varies from person to person.

  • Oliver

    External attractiveness has no relation to goodness or essential quality. Therefore, beauty is only skin deep.

  • Teddy

    I think outside beauty also matters just as much as inner beauty. Of course many people would find this opinion controversial.

  • Anderson

    We should value people for who they are at heart than what they look like. That has always been my philosophy.

  • Laura

    It’s both important to be mindful of your outer and inner beauty. You owe it to yourself to be the best version of yourself.

  • esgyll

    I honestly believe that beauty comes from within. Physical beauty fades away with age, but true inner beauty lasts forever.

  • Wilson Jake

    Beauty goes beyond the surface, its deeper than the mere face. Though the physical face can as well be affected by ones age.

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