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  • saviourv

    The typical response to the question, “Is revenge justifiable?” is usually, “No, it isn’t.”

    However, in my case, I feel that it CAN be justified, sometimes, especially if you know that the person you are dealing with is incapable of remorse and also continues to cause trouble for other people as well as you.

    It may be desirable to put down the threat like a rabid dog to ensure that no further chaos occurs. However, in most situations, it may be unfavourable to carry out, given that there are laws against manslaughter and torture.

    Despite being a generally peaceful person, I’ve had the misfortune of working with some people who were absolute scumbags, and during the time I was working for them, there were days when I yearned to wring their necks, as they continued their dishonesty and egoistic expressions of false bravado.

    If consequence was not an issue, I would relish the thought of slowly torturing such people, as well as eliminating their past achievements in Life. Such people are a bane upon the gene pool, and to me, they should be eliminated from it entirely.

    Just my two cents on the issue.

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