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It Was All Yellow

It Was All Yellow

May 2019


19 responses to “It Was All Yellow”

  1. Yes I agree he he. It is just dirty though. You have to clean this up if anyone wants to use it.

  2. This kind or reminds me of a children’s program like Big Comfy Couch. Something about an odd decorative colour screams wackiness in a child like manner. Sweet shot!

  3. Though I might not really like yellow painting but I think it still nice on the wall of this house or was it just an effect from you?

  4. Hahahaha this is a yellowish structure as my friend would say but it’s a full painting maybe because I am not a fan of yellow

  5. It seems the owner of the house must have loved the color yellow so much. To have the couch and the wall all painted yellow, it says a lot.

  6. Yellow always works very well on the wall because of their ability to reflect light and therefore make the room look so bright and colorful. Great choice here.

  7. Obviously, the house is an abandoned house.. I hate yellow…the colour is just ugly

  8. I love the mellowness of the yellow color in this photograph. Makes me think of sweet lemonade and bright sunny days.

  9. With so much yellow I bet this house looked amazing when it was new. It’s sad it’s in such a poor state.

  10. Yellow is my favorite color. I bet if I lived in this house this would be my favorite room.

  11. It’s easy to see that whoever owned this house really loved the color yellow. It’s a good thing as yellow is the color of friendship.

  12. Never seen a yellow combination this good maybe because people don’t really like it.But this photo looks cool.

  13. There is a certain beauty that lies with the Yellow color. The pic looks good in it’s all yellow color.

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