September 2020

24 thoughts on “It’s Everything I Dream About

  1. This definitely looks like a paradise island. I feel like we all dream about getaways like this to distract ourselves from the mundanes of life. Awesome pic!!!

  2. A beautiful paradise it is. When you have that calmed weather with a beautiful place is priceless. If given the chance, I would probably choose to stay in a place like that. To feel the and see that beauty of nature. A god given gift for us.

  3. This is what we dream about at its core. Peace serenity Happiness. However we are often occupied by stuff that we think we need but apparently not. i hope I get to this mindset too. Peaceful and less chaotic.

  4. Where is this place… so beautiful. It seems that I will never be bored to be there and gaze at the surrounding scenery.

  5. Looks like it would be great to be able to go on an adventure here together with friends. I absolutely love the natural beauty of this image.

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