I’ve Decided To Write Another Book

Today I talked to Amelia about all the times when I submitted my writing to magazines, and specifically, to a traditional newspaper.

A few years ago, I applied for the position of a contributing newspaper columnist, with the hopes of sharing my voice and perspective with the world. I envisioned my words gracing the pages of a respected publication, reaching countless readers and inspiring change.

Star In My Notebook

However, when the response arrived, it was not the acceptance I had so eagerly anticipated, but a polite decline. My dreams of becoming a published writer seemed to shatter, leaving me feeling as though I had failed. Their reason for rejecting me was simple; they found my writing to be superior to those of the current columnists, and they were afraid of losing advertising revenue as it was likely that readership would soon become focused solely on my column.

The gentle rustle of rejection letters, like the soft whispers of fallen leaves, can often leave one feeling defeated and lost in a sea of disappointment. As someone who has been writing all their life, I have received my share of rejection letters. Some letters, such as the one from the newspaper are justified in their decision, while others, denying me a position simply because I never completed college is ridiculous.

Rejection is not the end, but an opportunity for growth. It allows us to reassess our strengths and weaknesses, to refine our craft and to improve upon our skills. With every rejection, we come one step closer to finding the right fit, to finding the place where our words will be heard and appreciated.

I choose to embrace rejection, not as a series of defeats, but as challenges to become a better writer. I will continue to pour my heart and soul into my craft, honing my skills and refining my voice. And who knows, perhaps one day, my words will grace the pages of a respected publication, inspiring change and touching the hearts of many.

For now, I have decided to write another book, and as I embark on this exciting journey, I must remember to believe in myself and my story. Trust in the power of my words and the impact they can have on others. And most importantly, never give up on my dream.

February 13, 2023



  • Stuart Danker

    I’m right there with you, Thomas. The best thing to do is to trust the process, and to keep writing in whatever shape or form we’re called to. If any writing establishment were to reject someone based on their education, then those are the places you wouldn’t wanna be anyways. So keep on keeping on, and know that you’ll have a Malaysian rooting for you here!

    • Thomas Slatin

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post and leaving such a lovely comment! Your kind words truly mean the world to me and have put a smile on my face. More than anything, I really appreciate the support and encouragement you’ve given me, and it inspires me to continue creating content that you and others will enjoy. 🙂

  • Jay-lyn Doerksen

    I swear you are writing to me. I know that the rejection letter I received about my first novel stung so hard that it was a very very long time before I began writing again. Like 20 years or so.

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