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Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

December 2019

26 responses to “Japanese Garden”

  1. This is bursting my brain right now. I wish in my life time I can see this place, just imagine the quality of this picture….Wow, Tom you done beautifully well here

  2. Lost count while trying to count the number of colours we have here. Thanks to Tom that produced a replica of the real garden. This is perfect.

  3. This is not a garden it is more than that!!! I say this is more of a painting if anything else. Truly stunning in my opinion. It is real right???

  4. Oh my! Is this a picture or a painting? I am so amazed by this shot Tom, you made the garden come alive, it is so colorful. Very beautiful.

  5. Everything looks so peaceful in this picture. Definitely giving that serene Japanese garden vibe, wonderfully captured by your talented eyes and hands to get that perfect shot.

  6. I’m having a hard time figuring bout if this is artificial or natural. The setting is exceedingly beautiful.

  7. Holy smokes!! This is by far the most beautiful photo you’ve ever captured. It’s almost as if you’ve found the present day garden of Eden.

  8. Very nice piece of artful mastery! I would like a 3D T-shirt made of this pic, can you do it? Please let me know the cost if possible. Also, if you can’t do it, then let me know if I can be allowed to take the picture somewhere and have somewhere to have it made into a T-shirt.

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