A Little Ghost For The Offering

18 thoughts on “Jonathan Oldham Reads A Little Ghost For The Offering By Thomas Slatin

  1. Atimes funny things tends to share secrets and memories with us. Just like the old tree in Tom’s backyard. I love you voice, nice story man

  2. Wow, I also have a tree like that which I find myself attached to. Most night my grandma tell us old stories. Missed those days.

  3. I found this voice thrilling and made following the story enjoyable. I like the theme of the story here

  4. This should have been on Halloween and not the new year ha ha. Kidding man I am not a fan of scary stuff but we do this too. I do not believe in it but it is tradition.

  5. Such an emotional piece about a tree. The description here was inspiring. Yeah sharing is caring. I agree with you

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