• Deborah Rowell

    Good Morning Thomas — I just listened to the audio version you posted of “I’m Going Through Changes” and it is powerful to hear your words read aloud. The summary near the end about photography, writing, and loving Amelia is my favorite part.

    Everything in your life before that was necessary to bring you to this beautiful place in your journey. If I had to describe you in one word, it would be “loving”. God bless you as you continue your introspective journey. The Lord has been with you all the way and will continue to guide you.

  • Premie Nair

    Thank you for sharing this. At times we just need to throw caution to the wind, leave everything behind and start again. The heart truly knows when it’s ready to do this. In one lifetime, we sometimes end up living many different lives. Wish you all the best!

  • Wilson Jake

    Change is inevitable, hard to take on the journey. But if we wanna break free in this world, we start again and make our own selection. Embrace change

  • Prince

    Lovely and very clear audio, I love it. Change is like you are starting afresh even without knowing what you will meet there. Also it helps one to grow

  • ALMA

    I listened to the audio and I feel like I am really watching a movie. I feel relaxed which is truly one of the effects of watching movies.

  • Alex

    Revisiting this topic got me thinking this is the new year a new start new everything. We all are changing since this crisis came along so this comes as no surprise.

  • jolly555

    The only constant thing in life is change, when once we are able to apply good changes then life becomes more better

  • Danielle M

    We all have to deal with change, sometimes it can be frustrating but most of the time change happens for good to improve things.

  • Tim

    We all need a change in different ways. Change comes with positivity and if we need positive things then change must take place

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