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Jonathan Oldham Reads Somewhere I Feel Free By Thomas Slatin

Somewhere I Feel Free

25 responses to “Jonathan Oldham Reads Somewhere I Feel Free By Thomas Slatin”

  1. A beautiful memory came to mind when I was on the beaches of San Andrés Islas, I felt a lot of emotion and at the same time I felt that the wind embraced me welcoming me as if it already knew me.

  2. This was a very beautiful audio essay. Come to think of it why are you transitioning? Either way the more options the better. I am more of this than a reader anyway.

  3. Nice, thanks for sharing this audio clip of yours. For people who doesn’t have the time to read its quite nice to just listen for the audio while actually relaxing. I also like the photo that you use by the way.

  4. To be told something like that as a child…I could not imagine why someone would even do something that horrible to anyone. What we tell them will haunt them as they grow older later. That’s why we should all be careful how we treat them and what we all say to them.

  5. This is a beautiful shadowed picture of sea shore. I haven’t been to such a sea shore ever in my life but I wish to go there soon.

  6. The monster in our head really needs to be controlled. Even with out day to day hustle, we are always loved and feel free in our zone. Experiences mold you better.

  7. Clearly enough, we all have one place that makes us perform better. I will say, everyone has a special gift that when taped into make him or her break free

  8. I am pretty sure everyone that reads through this will surely have a flash back memory or wish to experience such fun. Nice picture quality.

  9. This essay reading takes me to a very memorable place. The voice is very clear and put a right emotion into it.

  10. Moving on from past failed relationships is the best thing we can do for ourselves. This is so powerful.

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