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Joseph J. Merli Manufacturing Company

Joseph J. Merli Manufacturing Company

September 2019

10 responses to “Joseph J. Merli Manufacturing Company”

  1. A sight appealing to the eye because it was well shot though it isn’t that current a place. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Looks like the company had its own good times to warrant a store. It’s preserved quite nicely and it doesn’t look too rundown.

  3. Looks like the shot was taken during the weekend or probably public holiday time, the place look lonely. The quality display of the photograph is so perfect. Thanks for this post TOM.

  4. nice caption, it seems like it used to be a family company. Maybe someone can share what they used to manufacture.

  5. An old building that used to house a manufacturing company. What happened to the company did they shift base or went bankrupt. Great shot still

  6. Far from subtle. I get a good vibe from this company because of its fine print. It might be outdated, but I still like it.

  7. This looks very similar to the clinic I saw in the countryside. Many buildings in that particular town were old but not dilapidated.

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