July 2018

15 thoughts on “Junk Garage

  1. Its hard to figure out exactly what this might have been. But it must be quite old judging from its state and appearance.

  2. This is absolutely a junk garage with so much filth to last a lifetime. I like the color used in the background. it still the shot really great.

    1. Its indeed a junk garage.. Great shot…just wondering why you took a snapshot of that scruffy garage

  3. I would not be surprised if this is a shop or something. Anyway, it looks abandoned now but hey, it adds to its age and its beauty.

  4. Now this is what I call a junk garage. Sometimes I feel bad that people just abandon them and don’t try to create them again. Anyways, amazing photo as always!

  5. Was this a refused dump afterwards because it really look messy in there. You have some unique shot though.

  6. That’s one garage you wouldn’t want to walk barefoot in. Too many sharp objects all over the place.

  7. The garage needs to be brought down as soon as possible. It’s a human hazard if it keeps staying like this.

  8. That is one torn up garage. Great use of light as always. I would love to see this garage refurbished and then take a look at the two contrasting photos. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow, the place is fallin in pieces, you were very adventurous to take this picture, I guess I would be scared to be there.

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