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Junked Train Cars Panorama (Edit)

Junked Train Cars Panorama (Edit)

June 2009

18 responses to “Junked Train Cars Panorama (Edit)”

  1. The photographic shot looks nice, what I don’t like is the contamination generated by these train cars, they should be stored somewhere else to be processed again.

  2. Beautiful panoramic picture. I wish the train was in better conditions… but the picture looks amazing.

  3. Lovely concept, panorama beautifully arranged like preparing to take a group photograph . Nice piece here bro

  4. It reminds me of an old movie. I just can’t remember the title. Nice shot by the way.

  5. This is a beautiful concept. The environment looks good to be. Mice photography work.

  6. Best shot of the year. I love the whole capture of the train and the background trees.

  7. It looks that these abandoned trains are a home for some. Nice capture and angle.

  8. The abandoned train car looks like a long queue. The green hill behind it makes it more natural and colourful

  9. Is this a train? It sure looks old and worn out. You hardly see this kind out trains nowadays.

  10. Good that in the real world trains aren’t abandoned this way to get contaminated. Nice shot though.

  11. This shot looks so colorful but the photo is so distant away to view but the little I can capture seems a great shot.

  12. This is a good example of an exaggerated panorama. Where in you capture so much subject in one photo that makes it so distant and lost in the photo instead of being highlighted as a subject.

  13. For a junkyard this looks amazing!!! I feel bad for the train cars though. They deserve to be on the road. Not like this that they are just rotting here doing nothing. Just my thoughts.

  14. What does panorama mean? Anyway, it is hard to believe that these are junk since they still look good to me.I hope someone may restore them and put them back on the railroad. They belong there in my opinion.

  15. I’m always facinated by trains. Brings back the memories of an old movie. Very nostalgic. Thanks Tom

  16. You almost feel inebriated looking at this photo. Great photo lens and interesting horizontal shot.

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