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Just A Small Town Girl

Just A Small Town Girl

August 2019

17 responses to “Just A Small Town Girl”

  1. What a very quaint looking farmhouse. I wonder what stories it saw and heard all throughout its life sheltering people under its roof.

  2. My dad used to have a farmhouse like this in the countryside. The photo really brings back a lot of memories.

  3. These must have been barns used to store harvest or farming equipment. I doubt they are in use anymore.

  4. I love this memorable woody house. It make me deep in thought as I kept remembering when I was with my grandparents in their farmhouse. This picture quality is superb.

  5. I would love to know where that is. I just love abandoned houses. The way that you captured this picture is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. I see the town but not the girl. Not anyone to be honest. However, the land looks peaceful but a bit lonely. I mean we have practically a house in the middle of nowhere.

  7. You always make abandoned looks somewhat okay with your photography. Some shots just need professional hands to get it right.

  8. I can see the small town but where is the girl,could she be in the house. your work is always awesome just like this photo

  9. I usually see this kind of house structure in an English movie. How simple their life is. The kind of life I am dreaming about.

  10. Well, this reminds me of the corn store house. It was just exactly that height and shape.

  11. the place look isolated and feeling down. Watching this kind of picture makes me feel very nostalgic.

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