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Just An Ordinary Day

May 2017

12 responses to “Just An Ordinary Day”

  1. That environment can give me the needed peace I need right now. It looks calm and quite like where I can actually meditate. lovely shot.

  2. I love trees…the Green color in the photo gives it an alluring look ..great shot

  3. Even ordinary days can be also beautiful in their own way. I really love this photograph as it captures that perfectly well.

  4. Ordinary yet opaque. I feel like there’s an underlying message behind the contents shown in this picture.

  5. Peace like a river. This place speaks peace and calmness. I love to be where nature is beautiful.

  6. An ordinary day can be made extraordinary by spending it with the right people. This is the kind of place I wanna be.

  7. I love the peace and calm that this photo brings. I wish I could have it up in my room somewhere.

  8. The image background seems calm but the sky looks like something will happen. I feel a bit scared of it. 🙂

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