• Rae

    Love your floral photos. I just love how you bring out the beauty of each flower that you photograph including this. You have a wonderful talent for showing the beauty of things. Keep it up!

  • jolly555

    blooming flowers I wish I can blossom this way daily. Life at times can so dim one’s beauty and smiles. lovely flower and shot.

  • Oyeyipo Oladele

    This is a brilliant and clean photo. I love flowers as gifts. The background color is well blended. Thanks for this post.

  • miakayuuki2012

    Leaving it alone and not picking it up would help. However in terms of this photo this is a good shot. It has not bloomed yet it is just a bud.

  • esgyll

    Such a cute little flower. It’s really sad that we don’t have springtime here to be able to see nature in all its majesty. You’re really lucky to experience it.

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