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Kick Off Your Shoes

Kick Off Your Shoes



11 responses to “Kick Off Your Shoes”

  1. Where is the other one ha ha!!! Anyway, why a shoe? What made it worthy to be a subject? Besides its a long shot as suppose to a focus one.

  2. That is probably the best feeling in the world. I kind of like how your picture manages to capture that feeling of absolute freedom. This is my room I think after I go home from work lol

  3. I like the angle on which you positioned to take the shoe. It also focuses on the room and the door also, but the shoe is at the center.

  4. Someone lost a shoe out there? I guess this is the time when someone is working on the house. You misplace one shoe especially if you remove them.

  5. I am wondering where the other pair is. I don’t think it still exist because the house is abandoned.

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