April 2018

11 thoughts on “Killing Me Softly

  1. I like a lot this picture. The topic is very original and I like it but at the same time it hurts my stomache when I think there’s a place like that in real life with those things decomposing.

  2. I’m already feeling the urge to sneeze and cough just looking at the picture. I’m quite sensitive to dust particles, and who knows what else could be lurking in that old room. Definitely not a place for anyone who has asthma or they will be sent to the ER if they stayed too long in here.

  3. Brilliant and beautiful shot. The place is really killing softly with the looks of thing. The items contained in that room can kill one alive without notice.

  4. I would restore it if I were in this place. If not at least tidy it up. This still looks stable and can still be utilized as a store or even a home.

  5. It seems an abandoned apartment with loads of pillow. Everything in it is getting bad slowly. Nice shot and caption

  6. This is interesting because usually pillows and mattresses give you warm and cozy sentiments, but here it’s the exact opposite. There’s a very unwelcoming feeling to this setting.

  7. I hope the stuffing for these pillows are biodegradable. It would be too bad if they were stuffed with synthetic material that mimics cotton but actually made of plastic material.

  8. I can use these pillows these days. Instead of having them pilled up like this, they can always send it to me so I can use them.

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