March 2018

11 thoughts on “Kitchen Nightmares

  1. Two sink becomes one. Just imagine you wake up to this, your head will be like spinning 360. Where will you start the cleaning from? Nice colour mixing.

  2. The kitchen looks abandoned and so unkept. The wardrobes would have been so beautiful if proper kept clean. Thanks for this clean output photograph.

  3. That kitchen really needs a lot of major repair, as it has a lot of dangerous safety issues. I wouldn’t want to work in a kitchen like that.

  4. I once had a job cleaning kitchens and apartments like this. It was not fun. I empathize with the person who has to dig out the muck from this cesspool one day.

  5. Yuck, what happened here, everywhere looking so messed up. A good photography work but less appealing to the eyes.

  6. This is a great work to be done ahead, I don’t think an individual can finish this. A cleaning setvices should be deploy ASAP.

  7. That’s literally a kitchen nightmare, I’m glad it’s not mine lol. But the picture is colorfull and creative.

  8. Good color but messy kitchen. It looks like it is being torn down. It needs a lot of work if anyone wants this to be used again. Not to mention it has to be cleaned.

  9. This is a shattered and really messy kitchen. It is indeed a nightmare for anybody coming to use it.

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