• Danielle M

    It´s very sad that the place was abandoned, but still it looks very pretty surronded by the trees and the Green around.

  • esgyll

    I definitely wouldn’t want to be inside that house once that topples over. It doesn’t look to sturdy to warrant an inside exploration just from this angle.

  • Oyeyipo Oladele

    Nothing should be used to qualify this house than BEAUTIFUL MANSION. The house is beautiful and the photography work now made it more beautiful. Thanks for this post.

  • miakayuuki2012

    What does the word even mean? I can guess that it came from a word synonymous to holding on? If so then this is perfect because it is as if nature is claiming back the home. I guess that is the fate of all abandoned buildings.

  • jolly555

    I know I have see places like this in my neigbour, people in it but the backyard as been overgrown with long weeds. Sometimes I find this weird.

  • Sweet

    Rwminds me of houses in small towns scenes in the movies. The design and the materials look pretty much the same, only the color of the roof differs.

  • Meldred Judith

    Once cleared out from this weed, this house will restore its beauty, that’s for sure. I hope the house owner will have it cleaned.

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