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March 2016

12 responses to “Leaning”

  1. The color saturation of the beautiful blue sky is gorgeous! I am in LOVE with old barns. I wish ours was still standing….. 🙁 Great work, as always, Thomas W.P. Slatin!

  2. Vivid blue sky and an old barn house. I love how the picture depicts simple and quite life.

  3. This shot is amazing. Such old houses are rare to come by or not even to notice them in this materialistic world.

  4. I wonder how old this house must be. If this is how dilapidated it has become, but still standing.

  5. The blue sky behind the old house just makes the photo look so beautiful. How you captured it so good is simply amazing.

  6. Tom I honestly wonder who directs you to the location of these old dilapidated structures but I have to commend you for finding beauty in the most unlikely places. Lovely picture as usual.

  7. Is that really the real sky?The color saturation makes me think its rigged. In any case if it makes a shot better who am I to argue???

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