Owls Head Transportation Museum

September 2016

23 thoughts on “Learning To Fly

  1. Learning is one thing I love to always get. This picture will surely encourage one to wanna be a pilot.

  2. I will always love to fly a plane if given the opportunity. Being a pilot must have a great feat especially the women.

  3. This is on some Orville Wright stuff.. I do not know if it is what this is but this is very photo album material. A page out of history I suppose.

  4. Man’s dream to be able to fly has sure come a very long way. I can’t wait what else is there to look forward to in the future!

  5. This old propellers are really good to start learning how to fly. Just like using a manual car to learn driving

  6. I am always amused how people learned to fly. Their deductive and observation skills are so much appreciated.

  7. I believe I can fly, that’s one think I still wanna learn. This old model really will have some features to easy learning how to fly

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