October 2018

14 thoughts on “Leather And Lace

  1. I had shoes like that before. A brown one and it is a good souvenir from my childhood. To this day I still keep it in my cabinet.

  2. We used to play with this old tyres as kids…picture brings back memories..nice shot..

  3. This must have been a shoe of an adventurous young boy. The old tire must have been his playing tool.

  4. I love this picture. The quality of this shoe is superb. After all that time on the rain and sun but it’s still intact.

  5. I wonder what happened to the owner of this little shoe. Maybe it was an adventurous tour that led to it being left here.

  6. Another great shot Tom. On the other hand, seeing this leather boots and lace made me think who’s the owner.

  7. old leather and lace and I still love it. I have always loved vintage photo maybe because there help me relive my life. Very memorable picture.

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