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Lester Piano



18 responses to “Lester Piano”

  1. This is a lovely looking piano, I just admire the color it came in. You capture this well I like.

  2. I have been always excited about piano whenever I see it. My dream is that I will learn it how to play it in my life at some point of my life.

  3. I am a piano guy even though I do not play it. That being said I do wanna learn it perhaps someday. Besides buying one aint easy these days.

  4. I don’t know about this brand of Piano but looks like it will be very interesting playing it. i love listening to piano but don’t know to play.

  5. This reminds me of my love for classical music. I particularly love Beethoven’s compositions.

  6. I really would like to be able to play the piano some day. It’s on my to do bucket list.

  7. I really like instrumental music, in fact, my favorite instrument is the piano, the melody that comes out of it is unique and my ears like it.

  8. This photo is so nostalgic and classic at the same time. Classical music and classical photo in one.

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